FAQ and Important CannerGrow Information – November 2020

by CannerGrow
Posted on listopad 21, 2020 20:10

Dear Cannerald & CannerGrow Community, 🌱

as mentioned last Friday in the webinar (click to watch), here the following blog post with all important information for you.

1) Harvest of the current rooms:
Delta - 25th November 2020
Charlie - 13th December, 2020

2) CBD distribution of the current rooms:
Echo - 24th November 2020
Delta - 17th December 2020
Charlie - 4th January 2021

3) Approximate harvest of the upcoming grows in the basement - can vary a couple of days in order to achieve the best possible cannabis quality:

Echo - 15th February 2021
Alpha - 25th February 2021
Bravo - 21st April 2021
Delta - 20th April 2021
Charlie - 22rd March 2021

The harvest is distributed around 21 days after the harvest time.
We need around 2 weeks for drying and 1 week for trimming and setting it up for shipping.

4) When do the rooms on the upper floor start?
Due to the gigantic size of the project and the cooperation with over 30 construction companies, the planned start is approximately as follows:

Foxtrot - Week 4 April2021 / Week 1 May 2021
Golf -Week 1/Week 2 May 2021
Hotel - Q3 2021
India - End of Q3 2021
Juliet - End of Q3 2021

As soon as we receive more information about the start of the growth from Hotel, India and Juliet in the course of the construction process, we will also announce this.

5) When will the Cannerald Shop launch in the EU?
January 2021 - is now final!

6) Why do we attach so much importance to community building and why do we go this route with the sale of plants through the community instead of through large investors?
We still have a lot to do and want to push ahead with the legalization of CBD (in the first step) and cannabis. Later on, we will do and provide some educational work and share the background of the positive benefits of cannabis. The more people learn about this and participate, the better for every person who is in the cannabis / CBD area and deals with it.

This has personal backgrounds, including the history of one of our co-founders, Mr. Levin Amweg, who had to give up his racing career due to a serious accident and this resulted in the foundation of Cannerald and CannerGrow.

Link to the story: click here

7) When does the CannerGrow Community Marketplace launch?
The marketplace will be released this week.

Every community member who owns at least 1 plant can access the marketplace.

Here are a few details:
- only 3-star plants can be sold or bought
- the plants must have completed 3 grow cycles
- everyone can decide the selling price themselves
- the purchase / sale takes place between buyer and seller (private sale)
- there are no direct commissions for the upline, as the plants have already been commissioned and it is a private sale
- the current harvest commissions are paid to the upline of the new owner
- if someone puts their plant(s) in the marketplace, the harvest for the current grow cycle in which they are will not be distributed
- payable by bitcoin or bank transaction, the seller decides whether he/she accepts only one of the 2 payment options or both, this is easy to see in the marketplace
- both seller and buyer have to be verified at level 2 for bank transactions, not for Bitcoin transactions
- you can currently put in a maximum of 1 plant at a time in the test phase, later as soon as everything is running successfully - unlimited

8) More transparency in the grow starts and phases:
You can see the current data above, these are also already shared in the back office.

In addition, you can see the current data for the rooms that have not yet started and are in the planning or construction phase in the back office in the “Status” -> “Locations” tab. Also under “Status” → “Cultivation”.

9) When is it possible to have the harvests delivered in the EU?
We are currently still working on the logistics and think that this can start smoothly for all harvests from Q2 2021, but this also depends on the EU.

10) Why are there currently no possible visitor appointments at Cannerald in the facility?
Due to the current situation in Corona, we, the management, have decided that all upcoming visitor appointments will be canceled for the time being.

All those who have booked appointments for the next few weeks will get 100% of their paid amount credited back to their CannerGrow Balance account tonight.

Unfortunately, we had to take this step to protect our employees as well as the community - because in the event of an infection / contact with a person who has Corona, this could have an impact, whereby we would have to close our company for up to 2 weeks - which would not be fatal. 

In addition, it would be irresponsible if our growers got sick and had to go into quarantine for several weeks, since a visitor who tested positive had contact with us / our employees, who are also in the system during visitor appointments and work.

It would also be a worst-case scenario if construction workers who are currently carrying out construction work in Alpha, Bravo, in the corridor as well as in the mother room would be infected or quarantined because of someone who tested positive and who was on a tour and thus the construction work would not continue - which are essential for the GMP acceptance.

Everyone who knows our team knows that we have to take this step to protect our company, as well as you as plant owner - because an interruption would be fatal. We are more than sorry for this, as we stand for 100% transparency and the visitor appointments were an important part of getting to know the community.

As soon as the situation calms down, we look forward to meeting you all back in our Cannabis Facility and also we’re planning a Meet and Greet Event once the situation calmed down!

11) Will your company ever manufacture cannabis textiles?
No, we are in the cannabis premium segment and will not have any textiles made from our cannabis plants.

12) Will there be an iOS app?
Yes, definitely. An iOS app will launch in Q1 / Q2 2021, our Android app will also be optimized in Q1 / Q2 2021 and even more functions will be implemented!

13) I have interested parties who would like to purchase CBD from you - who can I contact?
We currently only sell above a certain volume. There will be a possibility for this soon (Q1 / Q2 2021), but there are no commissions for sales partners.

We already have good contacts in the CBD area and sell our harvests ourselves, thanks anyway for the nice request and attempted help.

14) I have questions about CannerGrow, is there a telephone hotline?
No, and this is also planned. Please contact your sponsors or read the information on the website. If you still have further questions, please feel free to contact our fast answering support.

15) Are there discounts in the shop / upcoming EU shop for community members who own at least 1 plant?
Currently no, but an update will come in Q1 / Q2 2021, in which you can exchange your CBD for our products at a special price.

16) I have questions about the tax of commissions and distribution of sold harvests, who can I contact?
We are not allowed to provide advice on tax law, please contact a tax advisor you trust.

Another very important topic for all sales partners and customers:
If you recommend CannerGrow other interested parties, make sure to do so carefully and with a clear conscience.
All data is in the back office, contact our sales manager or your sponsors.
If we notice that wrong things are being conveyed or promised to potential customers or customers, we reserve the right to withdraw the marketing / advertising function in the back office and you would therefore no longer be able to recommend CannerGrow via your link!

We are not an investment company, we just sell plants with our grow service.
A plant is a “living being” and the approximate harvest forecasts can be found in the back office.
We work with over 10 construction companies, with such a huge project there can always be delays before the start of the grow.
We do not offer discounts, the prices are final as they are in the back office, if someone offers you discounts, this is not true.

If you see / know people who advertise incorrectly, please report this to us in our support.
If you have any questions, please also contact the support - we are always there for you and try to answer you as soon as possible! Please note, however, that you should first read the business presentation, watch the explanation videos and then contact your sponsor, because this way we can always keep the response time as short as possible in our support.

If everyone were to write questions that were already answered by looking at the business presentation, the response time in support would be delayed and other people with important questions would therefore receive the answer to their question(s) with a longer waiting time.

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow team.