We successfully harvested the plants in the alpha room

by CannerGrow
Posted on czerwiec 18, 2020 03:00

Dear CannerGrow Community, 🌱

We are very happy to announce that we harvested the plants in the Alpha Room on June 17th, 2020!
Soon, within the next 2 - 2.5 weeks, you will get the CBD displayed in your dashboard, as usual, and you can either have it delivered to your home as usual (currently still only within Switzerland) or sell the CBD to us for further sale.

Frequently asked Questions:
Can I have the CBD delivered to the EU or other countries at home?
We are in the process of doing this sustainably and in the long term and have already made very good progress, but with the exponential growth that our CannerGrow project is currently achieving, this cannot be implemented overnight due to laws and regulations.
We are working flat out to master it this year and, according to the current status, are firmly convinced that we can do this.

When will the Bravo room be harvested?
In about 2 - 2.5 weeks!

Can I visit your cannabis plant and talk to you personally on site?
With pleasure! We stand for transparency and everyone is welcome to get an idea of our company on site and entertain personally with our co-founder Levin Amweg. Click on the “Site visit” tab in the CannerGrow dashboard and book your tour of our unique high-tech cannabis facility. You are welcome to ask us any questions you have on site.
In addition, you will receive a product bundle worth € 115 and you can get your own impression of our extraordinarily good quality.

Why does the tour cost 99€?
We receive a lot of inquiries every day and many only want to look at our Hightech-Cannabis-Facility out of interest - but are not interested in the project.
Due to the Coronavirus, we were unfortunately no longer allowed to take tours during this time (we were forbidden to do this on request) and now more people than usual are waiting for an appointment.
We also want to take time for each of you personally and so we filter out who is really interested in CannerGrow and who just wants to see a real cannabis plant.
In addition, you get a high-quality product bundle of our premium products worth € 115 - so what are you waiting for? 😉

Can I pay for the tour on site?
No! To make everything as simple as possible, we ask you to charge your CannerGrow wallet and then you can book an on-site visit within a few seconds!

When will the EU shop launch?
The EU Shop will definitely be launched this year, but we are currently focusing fully on the further expansion of the system, as well as optimization of the processes (quality, yield, cannabis varieties, ...) - we think this is in everyone's interest and hope you understand this.

Your CannerGrow team.